Set up a microphone. Grab your go-to recording device. Call up your recording program. Pick up your guitar and clear your throat. It’s time to make magic happen. 


Long gone are the days when aspiring musicians had to grovel before “the man”. You are no long at the mercy of the big labels and their multi-million dollar studios to make a record. No, you can do that in your basement…or bedroom…or garage…or bathroom if that’s where you are more comfortable. The point is, the means to independently, and just as important, affordably, produce music is now easily in the palm of the aspiring musical creator’s hand. 


Now you and any collaborative partners you have are free to experiment, free to take the music lurking within the recesses of your mind and make something great with it. You are free from restraint…the power is yours. Once you have written your songs, recorded your tracks, mixed, mastered, and otherwise completed your album, you are going to face an ever bigger task. How do I get these out there?


There are really two main avenues your can go about promoting your album, and both could stand to benefit from custom t-shirts. 


Number 1: Gig, Gig, Gig


One of the primary purposes, especially early on, for popular music acts to go on tour wasn’t just to sell tickets, it was to sell records. This holds true for you. Every time you get on stage and play your music in front of a crowd, you stand a chance at converting some of that audience into record sales. Think of it as the ultimate free sample: they get to hear your songs live, with gusto. Merch in general is a must have for concert dates. It’s a great way to pay yourself, especially if you are playing traditionally lower-paying trendy concert spaces. Make sure your set up a stand with your CD’s and your band t-shirts. Also make sure you remind your audience where to find you online, which leads us to:


Number 2: Gorilla Marketing


Having a great social media presence is an absolute necessity for any musicians. As you build your following, you can use your accounts to tell your fans where to find you. You can also use your following to negotiate higher pay from venues, or to promote your album. A great way to gain extra followers on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube is through giveaways. You can promote your page, your album, and your act all in one swoop by giving away your band t-shirts in contests to help gain new likes and follows. 


The Bottom Line


When your album is in the can and you are ready to start promoting it, you can create your own t-shirt online with WhoopTee. If you have an album cover, you can upload it to our desinger tool and use it for the front, and put your website and social media accounts on the back.

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