Getting eyeballs on any product is hard. Really, really hard. This is especially true for an indie video game. The market is saturated with titles, from the major brands with a stranglehold on the industry to other indie gamers looking to get noticed. Even indie bands have an easier time getting noticed. They can gig in the physical world, their content can be digested quickly. How can you break through the noise and clutter and get your game noticed? Take a cue from indie bands and hit the road. 


Conventions, conferences, gatherings of gamers: you need to be there. Set up a boot, demo your game, and engage with the public. As you know, gamers are highly active on social media and are a very passionate community. As you convert new players, they will convert their friends. It’s imperative that you make their experience at your booth as awesome as possible. That means not only having your demo down pat, but having merch you can give away to win favor with the gaming community. That’s where comes into play.


With our designer tool, you can easily create a custom gamer t-shirt for your title. Upload your logo or an image of your main character. Come up with a catchy slogan. Use your shirts to get noticed and give them away to people who show interest at your booth. As they walk around the convention with your gift, people they bump into find out what you have to offer and will come check you out. The more you pound the pavement and spread the word of mouth about your game through the grass roots, the more it will spread on social media. You can then use t-shirts as a promotional tool there, as a giveaway item designed to get your more likes and follows.

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