It’s graduation time, only this graduation is slightly different. For example, no cramming for finals are required.  No big party expected. No job searches on the horizon.  Instead, teachers are  making sure their students can tie their own shoes and know the Pledge of Allegiance (including the controversial “under God” portion.)  This celebration ends with a paper hat, trash bag gowns, a little juice and cake and of course, a custom t-shirt.


Kindergarten graduation is a milestone . . . so it may not be the biggest milestone, but it’s a start.  


Whether you’re a teacher, busy mom or know-it-all big sister time is running out for you to create the perfect design for the kid’s graduation shirts.  The easy part is ordering from; even easier is all the cool designer and interface of the Designer Tool.  The hard part comes when you’re figuring out the perfect design for the Kindergarten kiddos.  Afterall, this is a keepsake that will last for years . . . in a drawer, in the attic, on a quilt or hanging on canvas in the office of a budding CEO.


Let’s get started:


What to Say . . . : The occasion is set, the audience is young but what do you want the world to know?  Start simple with 2015 Kindergarten Grad.  Evolve into something like Future 1st Grader. Or take it to the next level with I survived Mrs. Connor’s class! Let’s Party!  Play around with font style and placement for a different look.  


Design on a Dime: Without getting into elaborate embroidery or gilded gold, find a design that represent the school and the kids - and not the adults.  Go Greek with some filagree surrounding a diploma.  Try a cap on a kid for a childish look.  Do a little research and find the inner t-shirt designer in you!


To Template or Not to Template:  Leave art to the artists!  Our graphic designers have created modern, easy to use templates that take all the guess work out of design.  Choose from college, sports or family themed artwork for a shirt that pleases everyone!    


Take this final school task in stride - summer is just around the corner.  And don’t forget an apple for the teacher!



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