One of the greatest laments of football players is the finality of their last high school game. If that player is lucky enough to play in college, their final game is only postponed for a few years. When a baseball player wraps up their school days, there are plenty of softball and fast and slow pitch baseball leagues out there to play in. A soccer player can get a group of people together at a park. Basketball only requires a net and a ball. For football players, things aren’t so simple. You can’t play full-contact padded football into adulthood the way you can with other sports. Luckily, the next-best thing is more readily available. 


Recapture the glory days with flag football. 


You can recapture the glory days and return to the gridiron with custom flag football shirts from WhoopTee. Wether you’re buying for your seven on seven team or for an entire league, we have the performance and price options to fit your specific needs. We suggest browsing our performance wear selections. A sleeveless style would give you the most range of motion, and we have shirts with moisture management and anti-microbial qualities available also. Check our product descriptions for more ideas, and check out our guides for more information of t-shirts for sports


When you’re ready to order your flag football t-shirts, you can design your shirts online using our designer tool. You can choose your product, colors, fonts, and graphics. You can even upload your own graphics provided they’re in the right format and you own the copyright of the image. When you order your shirt, it will be shipped to you in two weeks for free. If you want to know when you’ll have your shirts by, check the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

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