We’re just under two weeks away from St. Patrick’s Day, when millions of people will turn their eyes to a certain island in northern Europe. So before you put on your Flogging Molly records, fry up your corned beef and cabbage, and dust off your folding parade chair, make sure you have a green shirt. Those who refuse to wear green on this festive day will be pinched without mercy. WhoopTee is here to save you from the prodding fingers and angry glares with a green custom t-shirt. 


It’s not too late to order a St. Patty’s Day custom tee. Our orders ship free in fourteen days or less. If you’re in a pinch, and you absolutely have to have your shirt by the big day and need it right away, we also offer rush delivery within seven days. Use our designer tool to create a marvelous green t-shirt, and make sure you save yourself many a pinch on the 17th. 


A few fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day: it is held on March 17th, the traditional day of St. Patrick’s death, and it was made an official feast day in the 17th century. In the United States, the front fountain of the White House has been dyed green in honor of the holiday in recent years. The holiday is celebrated all over the world by people of Irish decent. 


Many more holidays are right around the corner as well. Don’t forget that WhoopTee is always the place to bring your holiday celebrations to the next level when you design a custom t-shirt online. You can order shirts for the entire family, or just one for yourself with our non-minimum options. Even the furry members of your family can be part of the fun. Check your calendar, circle your holidays, and design your tee.

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