Tomorrow is dog appreciation day, a day to show your pooch how much they mean to you. Really, for dog lovers every day is dog appreciation day. Your four-legged friend may not be with you every second of the day, but they are right there in your heart 24/7, 365. In that spirit, we’d like to take today to fill you in on one of our more exciting custom apparel options: pet shirts. We have some really exciting options to outfit pets. 


Doggie Skins Tank Top


This tank top is the perfect lightweight option for your dog’s new shirt. Made of 100% combed ringspun cotton, this shirt is available in eight colors. Our shirts can fit dogs of any size with options ranging from XS (0-4 lbs) all the way to 3XL (86+ lbs). This way, your lab and your chihuahua can wear matching shirts! 


Doggie Skins Hooded Tee 


This ultra-soft, 100% ringspun cotton tee is an overload of cute. It includes not only a hood, but a little back pouch also! This is a comfortable way to keep small or short-haired dogs warm during cold months. 


With both of our pet options, there is a minimum order of six shirts. That means that you should order them in a group with your friends if you don’t want extras. If you have a bid pet family, this won’t be an issue and all your fur babies can have matching outfits! As with our other shirts, your pet apparel order will be shipped for free in two weeks. You also have the freedom to design your shirt yourself with our user-friendly designer tool. Choose your color, choose your type, choose your graphics, and arrange your design however you see fit. With that combination of value, freedom, and cuteness, there is no excuse for not outfitting your dog in custom apparel from WhoopTee!

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