Hey friend, you are in trouble. You forgot Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday. That’s bad. Really, really bad and you’re going to pay for it dearly from your sweetheart. Sure, you have a few days to find something else, but maybe the two of you were planning on doing something together this weekend and a little last-minute present shopping would be pretty obvious. No matter what you find, it’s going to be pretty obvious it was a midnight hour grab. Maybe you get lucky and find something sweet, something intimate, or something personal, but hey, that’s a one-in-a-million shot there, pal. That’s ok, though. We have Plan B lined up for you. 


We warned you a few weeks ago to get your Valentine’s shopping done and avoid this kind of situation, but we at WhoopTee are your good friends and we are here to get you out of this jam. “Wait,” you say,”doesn’t it take two weeks to get a WhoopTee order, shipped for free, or seven days with an extra fee?” Why yes, it does. You won’t have the shirt in your hand on Tuesday, but that’s ok. There are two perfectly good ways to give your love a romantic custom t-shirt for Valentine’s Day without having the physical shirt. Allow us to explain.


Option 1: Simply design a custom t-shirt online with our designer tool and save the image. Under the image of your design on the right hand side of your display in the designer tool is a print button. Simply print out a copy of your design and give it to your special someone, assuring them that the shirt is on the way. You can see when your order will arrive in the upper right hand corner of your screen. So try to think of a phrase or in-joke that will touch your partner’s heart, and get designing!


Option 2: Design the shirt together. It’s that simple. Sit your love down and tell them that you thought it would be romantic to design partner t-shirts together. You can then order your t-shirts and wear them as a pair. It’s both a gift AND an activity. 


Crisis averted. You’re welcome!

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