So at the end of the day when I'm feeling tired and old, the plan is to limit myself to between five and ten minutes of internet garbage- basically, I just allow myself to mess around on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BuzzFeed and Pinterest (which often turns into HOURS planning out t shirt design ideas, decor and DIY projects for my future house. Kind of like a grown-up photo-driven version of Mash). Usually when I make the rounds from Pinterest and YouTube onto Facebook, Twitter, and BuzzFeed, eventually when I get to that last one, I am left inevitably confused …  because where the crap do they FIND all of these insane pictures that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet? Except for any middle schooler’s Facebook profile who somehow manages to gather an unending supply of completely weird photos.  
Case in point- uhmn, where did they find this?
And this?
And this one? 
Unless there's some crazy wackjob photoshopping all of this together, BuzzFeed has to have an army of spies with camera phones at the ready, at all times. It takes a looooong freaking time to find 45 of anything, much less a photo that would match the particular type of random obscurity the BuzzFeeds are after. Who knows. Not I, said the mere custom t shirt designer. Anyone know? Help a friend out!  Got a conundrum or some bizarre life thing you're wondering about yourself? Let us know yo- serve it up. 
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