We talk all the time about custom t-shirts on this blog, which makes perfect sense since this is WhoopTee.com and custom t-shirts are kind of our thing. If that doesn't make sense to you then…well we don't know what t tell you. One thing that we don’t discuss enough is pants. Pants are every bit as important as a shirt, and while you may not have the urge to put an image on your pants as often as you do your shirt, they still are a vital part of any outfit and a legal necessity when you go out in public. In that spirit, and in honor of Take Your Pants on a Walk Day, here’s a bit about our custom pants. 


For one thing, we don’t just have pants. We also have shorts available. We have cheerleader shorts available in girls and ladies styles. When it comes to pants, you can choose between cotton polyester blends and fleece. Once you’ve selected the style of pants you want, with the options, material, and design that is to your liking, simply select a color and you will then be able to design your own custom pants with our designer tool. You can then choose the fonts and graphics that best fit your creative vision, and you can even upload your own images, as long as you own the copyright. 


Once you have your pants designed, you can order them in groups of six or more. All of our orders ship for free in two weeks to the 48 contiguous states. If you need them sooner, you can opt for our rush delivery option which will get your pants to you in one week for an additional fee. 


When you get your custom pants, put them on and take them for a walk. We say put them on because walking your pants on a leash will lead to some dirty looks and possibly a ticket.

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