Here’s a nugget of custom t-shirt-enhancing awesomeness for you: Let’s say you’re ready to participate in an intramural sports league, team, extracurricular. Better yet, you’ve come up with a club or group of your own. Maybe you’re starting the Lumberjack Club or Boy Meets World club (in which case, there could be a really bizarre and interesting marriage of the two), and you have the interest, school budget, activities planned…the whole nine yards.

But then you think to yourself, “Dangit. I can’t come up with a name!” That’s where this handy dandy tool I discovered will come in handy for you. There’s nothing worse than designing your own screen print, the perfect design, and being unable to come up with the text you want on it! And it’s gotta be perfect, right? Once it’s on a t-shirt, there’s no going back.

Here are a few that I’ve come up with, using this handy dandy tool:

“American Mashers”

“Awesome Gangtaz”

“Reptile Mafia”

"Barf Kings"

Ha! Total winners, for sure. Try it out for yourself today, then design your own t-shirt with your awesome team name! 

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