Happy National Pizza Day! This signature Italian dish has come a long way. It went from an obscure dish served in certain corners of New York to the go-to comfort food of millions. Every region has their own take on pizza. From the folded slices of New York style, to the ultra thin St. Louis style, to the gargantuan crust of Chicago style, every area has their own spin on a great pie. So sit down and grab a slice. Just don’t get any sauce on your device while you create a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee


What do t-shirts have to do with pizza, you may ask. Well friend, a lot, actually. For one, t-shirts make an amazing promotional device for restaurants of all varieties. Pizzerias are no exception. One of the keys to any good marketing strategy for a restaurant is to position your brand as a pillar of the community. The more ingrained into daily life your restaurant can become, the more business you’ll have. Custom t-shirts are great for making your customers feel like part of the family, and for promoting your business. They also make great inexpensive uniforms. 


If you’re looking for a gift for the pizza love in your life, make a custom t-shirt based around their love affair with a great slice of pie. In-jokes and phrases make a great t-shirt gifts for the loved on in your life. A favorite food definitely falls into that category. Pizza isn’t a preference: it’s a lifestyle. You can easily design a custom t-shirt online with our user-friendly designer tool. You can choose colors, fonts, clip art, and even upload your own images. The best part? All WhoopTee orders ship for free in two weeks. You can even see when your order will arrive by looking in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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