So as if I haven’t harped on enough about how awesome the designer tool is, I’ve been talking to some of you who have used it to design your own tshirts and who have come to us with questions about how it works…which we are THRILLED about…please continue to come to us with questions. Many of you asked about how to refine your uploaded images, so I thought I'd take a moment to make you all aware of this nifty little option we have in the designer tool called “Remove White,” which you can use for your uploaded images. If your image has a white box around it, or has edges with white around them that need to be cleaned up, you can hit this box and MAGICAL things will happen right before your eyes. See for yourself. You can go from: 


Try to excuse the terrible clip art; this is only for the sake of example. Anyway, notice the big yucky white box around it. Gross, right? To remove it, simply check the box in the "Image Processing" menu next to "Remove White." And all of a sudden...

Shazam! Your white background is no longer, and all you have left is your nice, happy, un-white clip art image. You can also play around in other photo editing programs, but we've found that this is the easiest way to get images up onto tshirts in the most efficient, effective way possible. So, if you didn't know how to make a tshirt exactly how you like it or how to edit your images, now you know! And feel free to email us with any questions you have at [email protected]. You're welcome!

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