Omg...custom t-shirt lovers, unite. This is so awesome…so, you know how you can kind of feel when someone is all up in your grill? And obviously, you don’t like it…correct? Anyway, check out the latest innovation in personal space invasion prevention technology: University of Illinois’ Victor Mateevitsi has constructed a badass onesie called SpiderSense that allows the wearer to pinpoint the exact direction and location of anyone within your immediate vicinity, without having to see them.

The contraption reads surrounding ultrasonic signals and applies pressure on the skin in the direction of the danger. Wearing this glorious monstrosity, testers were blindfolded and asked to point in the direction of a perceived threat, with a 95% rate of accuracy. Dang! Eventually, Mateevitsi hopes to make the apparatus available to the blind in order to help them achieve maximum independence. Way cool, eh? Plus, this is the perfect addition to your already-awesome t-shirt design you have on. With this baby, the sky’s the limit on what you could achieve! 

For more information about the SpiderSense onesie, have a look here

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