Father’s Day is a mere 18 days away. You still have time to get your dad a one-of-a-kind gift that can only come from you. No, we don’t mean an ash trey or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. Take this Father’s Day as an opportunity to give your dad something that is both unique and something he will actually use. There is still time to order your dad a custom t-shirt. Our orders ship for free in two weeks, so if you don’t delay and place your order now it will arrive by June15. That gives you three days to spare and a lot of weight off your shoulders! 


Ok, so you can order a custom t-shirt. That’s the easy question to answer. The harder question is what to put on your t-shirt. First, you have to ask yourself: what are your goals for the gift, and we mean beyond “I want him to like it.” Here are a few goals that if met will equate a great gift:


Make him laugh.

Get him a shirt he will actually wear. 

Choose a phrase that shows how well you know him.

Give him something from the heart.


One possible solution to check each of these boxes would be to make your favorite “dad joke” front and center in your design. Come on, your dad has to have a favorite “dad joke” that’s charmingly corny, or just plain corny. That joke that should have been retired years ago but he just can’t bring himself to quit using it? If not, you can always shift gears and use an in-joke, a nickname, or a phrase he uses all the time. You could also go the more sentimental route and use something from your past to crank up the feels. 


Whatever you choose as the concept for your shirt, rest assured you can design your Father’s Day t-shirt to fit your vision with our user-friendly designer tool. You can choose colors, fonts, and art to create a design perfect for your dad. You can even upload your own image, provided you own the copyright and it is in the proper file format. If you need any help, just check our guides.


Give your dad a Father’s Day to remember the other 364 days of the year. Practical, funny, sentimental: now THAT is a gift.

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