Hold on to your love seats, candies, and cards friends, because Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. What if you have absolutely no idea what to get your special someone? Or worse, you’re still in the beginning stages of a relationship, and debating whether to have that awkward talk about whether you “do” Valentine’s Day or not. Maybe you’re looking for a fun way to memorialize that inside joke you have, or you’re looking for a goofy, silly way to make your partner laugh. You can easily design your own tshirt to show your partner how much you care, with a custom screen print that is totally unique to you and your relationship.

But undoubtedly, there are probably some of you who dread this day, which prompted me to do some excavating inside my brain for some deep, profound knowledge bombs to drop on you. I'm back from my archaeological dig...sorry, it took awhile, but I KNEW I had some gold nuggets down there...and I think I found one. Well, this one might be a silver nugget...but a nugget, nonetheless, that I will share with you right now. Here’s the primary problem I see with the human psyche in relationship to Valentine’s Day: it expects too much. It expects greatness out of a situation that will not always be great. For example, I’m fairly certain I spent the last Valentine’s Day with my cat and a giant box of chocolates…(if I’m really getting honest, Love Actually with my parents also might have been involved…but HOW can you not love this hilariousness)

And I had a bloody brilliant time, because my expectations for the annual celebration of love were in check. (A good reminder for when you think your Valentine’s day sucks, just remember there’s probably someone out there watching Love Actually with their parents. Or having a candlelit dinner with a stuffed Pikachu and a few imaginary friends. Who knows). It’s all about perspective. So head over to WhoopTee and put together a shirt for that special someone, or make a silly one just for you! Use that coupon code up above, and you'll be all set with some stylish, yet affordable new tees. We’re all about the love on this holiday, whether you’re sharing it with a special someone, a big group of friends, or your family. 

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