There is nothing that a annoys a lover of vinyl records more than digital music junkies who are dismissive of the timeless format. “Why do you have those bulky records? They don't sound as good, it isn’t as clean. Why not just use iTunes or Spotify? How do you skip songs?” First of all, yes, vinyl absolutely sounds better than digital. When a song is compressed into MP3 format, some of the sound is lost in the compression. Vinyl is without loss. 


As for why keep bulky records and eschew skipping songs? Well, technically you can skip songs by moving the needle to the next groove, but that defeats part of what makes vinyl great. There was a time when you were forced to hear the entirety of an album the way the artist created it and intended it to be played. That includes the rising, the falling, the juxtaposition, how one song tonally or lyrically builds on another. There was a time when an album, for many artists, wasn’t simply a collection of songs fighting for attention: it was a cohesive work of expression. For that reason, some bands like Tool have never allowed their work to be distributed digitally, where it could be broken up and taken out of context. 


That isn’t for everyone, we know. But for avid music lovers, those who want to appreciate the work and experience it as intended by the artist, with all the subtitles of rich sound and in an intimate setting, there is not better than vinyl. Collecting vinyl has its fun, like any kind of collecting. For music lovers, there is a special romanticism about holding a physical copy of the work and appreciating the cover art, inside cover art, even the lyric printouts in the sleeves. For those who want to have their cake and eat it too, you can always buy vinyl that includes digital downloads so you can take favorites with you in the car or to the gym. 


For those of you who love vinyl, show the world and fight to make sure this niche of the music world never dies out. Create a custom music t-shirt with WhoopTee and our user-friendly designer tool and show the world your love of the old school. The best part? You t-shirt will ship for free in two weeks.

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