Look, we know how hard it can be to find the balance between the professional look you want and the performance you need. There are many situations when a traditional collared shirt just won’t do the trick. This is especially true for people who work outside constantly in the summer months. 


WhoopTee has just the custom tee for just those situations. The Badger B-Dry Core Hook T-Shirt is a thing of beauty, and it’s made to stand up to tough assignments. This 100% polyester shirt is moisture-resistant and pleasing to the eye, with white panels and six beautiful colors. The Badger B-Dry Core Hook T-Shirt is available in red, royal, navy, maroon, forest, and black.


Many grade school and high school teachers, like shop teachers and P.E. teachers, are in need of something that looks professional but can stand up to physically demanding work. Coaches for spring, summer, and fall sports, like football and soccer, could use a shirt that will stand up to the heat, and as a result the sweat, they have to endure. The B-Dry Core Hook is the perfect solution. Pick your school’s color, upload your mascot into our designer tool, and you’ll have a great-looking solution for your performance needs. 


Companies that work in the elements (we’re looking at you, landscaping, roofing, excavating, and lawn care companies) are especially susceptible to the professional or performance dilemma. Having a great looking company shirt can give you an edge on the competition. Customers are more likely to give the work in their yard or home to a more professional looking outfit. With the B-Dry Core Hook tee, you can get that leg up without having to deal with something that is hot, itchy, or difficult to work in. It’s the best of both worlds, and it could be the difference between landing that customer or not. To see just how affordable our custom t-shirts are, select a color, design your tee, and click “get a quote”. 


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