It’s so easy to look at an outfit in a store window and think it’s perfect.  Or find yourself flipping through the pages of a magazine and think they’ve reinvented the fashion plate - for the moment.  And who hasn’t been out on the town when you find yourself face-to-face with another woman wearing the exact same outfit . . . leaving you to think “Damn! Now I look like the ugly twin!”   Don’t be so hard on yourself. Design is subjective and color is corrective.  When you doubt your design, dial it back and tweak the color combinations.  After all, haven’t we learned anything from the thousand filters of Instagram?

Color combinations play an important role developing a contextual landscape.  For example, take a look at the new Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.  Unless the retina display on your iPad is askew, you can’t help but notice the use of bright pops of color.  Red-headed Kimmy can be seen in hot pinks, lemon yellows and kelly greens.  The scheme follows her home to a turquoise and gold-accented, eclectic New York apartment.  In short, colors tell stories.  And the story of a perky, naive, 30 year-old woman keeping it together after being freed from a bunker while hilarity ensues is. . . .well, illustrated beautifully in a tropical palette.     

So first, find your story.  Take your notes, head to and start designing.  Choose your product: will it be a tiny custom t-shirt or a heavy hoodie? Go to  Designer Tool and start designing.  Play with the text size and font; click on colors and images.  Compare and contrast options until your portfolio rivals a Garanimals warehouse. Find inspiration and finalize your design to create truly custom apparel.  

Whooptee provides each novice designer with all the elements to create, quote and quickly order a custom shirt. . . . Where our shirts meet your designs.


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