This weekend, Hugh Jackman’s final fling as Wolverine, Logan, kicks off with a bang. Fans the world over have had a love affair with Wolverine for decades. The survey Canadian lumberjack with metal bones, metal claws, and a rapid healing factor has been a fan favorite since his inception thanks to his cool powers and surely demeanor. Theater audiences agree. After all, Wolverine is one of the most bankable characters with Jackman portraying the character. Wolverine has been the focus of four X-Men movies and now three stand-alone films. It seems to never get old watching him recover from bullet wounds and other damage instantly. 


Here’s something to keep in mind, though: Wolverine may be able to heal, but your favorite t-shirt can’t. It may have the staying power of a beloved character in your life, but the simple fact is fabric just doesn't last forever. Listen, pal – it may be time to retire old reliable. We know that’s a tough pill to swallow, but we have a solution to your problem: create a new favorite shirt on


You can design your own custom tee online with our easy-to-use designer tool. You can also order just one shirt for yourself and have it shipped for free in two weeks (to the lower forty-eight states). Simply choose a no minimum t-shirt option and get designing. We have plenty of fonts, options, and clip art available. You can also upload your own image and use it in your design. 


When designing a replacement for a favorite article of clothing, it’s important to think about your old shirt. Why do you love it so much? What about the color, the design, the use of negative space, is so cool to you? Once you figure out why you like it, you can distil the ingredients down into something you can use yourself to create an amazing custom t-shirt. Just give it a little thought, and the final product will benefit greatly.

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