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Get a Head Start on Softball Uniforms

Wow, where did the time go? We’re weeks away from Spring and hopefully inching closer and closer to it feeling like spring. As we warm up, we inch closer to softball seasons. We’re inching now, but soon we’ll notice time speeding up to a jog, and then a sprint.

WhoopTee Roundup: Twin Peaks, Fossil Friday, Margarita Day

Welcome to WhoopTee Round, where we scan the social media scene and bring you some of the conversations going on with 0% negativity and 0% heavy topics. Here are some fun hashtags floating around this weekend.

Custom T-Shirts For Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is a big year for both kids and parents:  first time in a big school, first time for recess, first time for a report card and parent-teacher conferences.  In addition to all the “firsts,” having a great teacher can set children up for a lifetime of loving to learn.

Submit Your March Pic's for a Chance to Win $200!

Think about all the things you can get with $200: a new outfit, complete with accessories, a five course meal and wine at a fancy restaurant, a night at a nice hotel and a couple of items from the mini-bar.  

Make a Custom Shirt Worthy of Pop Status!

Have you heard of an easter egg before?  Yes, there are the colorful plastic type, filled with candy or tiny toys, planted by the Big Bunny himself.  Then there are the kind made by the major film and entertainment companies.

Celebrate the Life of A Child with A Personal Custom Shirt

Resolutions have been made and kept . . . or attempted.

Guide To Raising Kids VS. Buying Youth T-Shirts

Remember when “Husky” meant fat and “Beanpole” meant skinny? Now kid’s apparel hales a more politically correct/self-esteem boosting type sizing system. Athletic body types earn a “rock star” while curvy girls get the “diva” nickname. All occupational choices and attitudes aside, when did shopping for kids get so difficult?

Winning With WhoopTee

You won! You’re heart just skipped a beat, right? But there’s nothing worse than seeing an email or getting a voicemail from some marketing company that says YOU COULD BE A WINNER or CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR FREE PRIZE. First of all, I don’t need Gmail telling me I’m a winner. I already know that. And secondly, all prizes are free – duh.