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Navigating April Fools With Your Custom T-Shirt Friends

So if you’re anything like us, you love a good prank…our favorites? This one from Google is pretty awesome. We have to admit, even while clad in custom t-shirt awesomeness, we totally fell for it. According to the technology gurus over at Google, who are currently responsible for a smattering of gullible goons smelling their screens all over the world, there is a technology that enables users to select an item to smell, and the desired scent will emanate right out of the user’s screen.

St. Patrick's Day Custom T-shirt

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day early and design your own custom tshirt for your friends and family to wear on the special day of eating delicious food, drinking, and letting loose! With parades, parties, food and drink specials, and more, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most fun holidays around!

Serving YOU with Custom T-shirts

At WhoopTee, we’re all about bringing you the most for the least: the highest quality design for the least amount of effort, the best customer service with the least amount of wait time, and the most merchandise for the least amount of money. This is how we’ve been able to earn the trust of our customers and believers, and how we’ve maintained that trust. We know you have other online design companies to choose from, and we’re honored when you choose us.

The ULTIMATE Accessory for Your Custom T-shirt

Omg...custom t-shirt lovers, unite. This is so awesome…so, you know how you can kind of feel when someone is all up in your grill? And obviously, you don’t like it…correct? Anyway, check out the latest innovation in personal space invasion prevention technology: University of Illinois’ Victor Mateevitsi has constructed a badass onesie called SpiderSense that allows the wearer to pinpoint the exact direction and location of anyone within your immediate vicinity, without having to see them.

Screen Printing Technology

Ever wonder how a design makes it from the digital stage onto the physical t-shirt? It’s a pretty awesome, crazy process. At WhoopTee, we use the finest, top-of-the-line screen printing technology to translate your digital designs onto a custom t-shirt. Once we have your design, we immediately begin the process of checking and double-checking everything to ensure it is absolutely flawless.

Happy Holidays from the WhoopTee Family!

It’s that time of year! Lights are up on houses, sweets and delicacies are making the rounds amidst family members and friends, holiday cards are perched on mantle pieces, and families are gathered around together to spend some quality time amidst the craziness of the rest of the year. In light of your families coming together, what better time to design your own shirt for the holidays? I’ve already divulged my familial secrets about the Jacobi family Jingle Jingle Jamboree, for your enjoyment.