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Basically an Awesome Custom T-Shirt Slogan Generator...

Well hey there. Happy Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…whatever day it is today to you. I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me, for whatever reason, the weather is intrinsically connected to my mood- if it’s pretty outside, I feel happy.

Navigating April Fools With Your Custom T-Shirt Friends

So if you’re anything like us, you love a good prank…our favorites? This one from Google is pretty awesome. We have to admit, even while clad in custom t-shirt awesomeness, we totally fell for it. According to the technology gurus over at Google, who are currently responsible for a smattering of gullible goons smelling their screens all over the world, there is a technology that enables users to select an item to smell, and the desired scent will emanate right out of the user’s screen.

Custom T-Shirt Clipart Tutorial


Hmm. What riveting t-shirt knowledge bombs should I drop on you today? Thinking…thinking…it’s coming to me, I can feel it…ah ha! I’ve got it! Clipart! Listen up, t-shirt friends: this is very important. One of the pitfalls of custom t-shirt design is loading up too many things, bogging down your design . I know we’ve been through this before, but it never hurts to take a refresher course on shirt designing.

The Designer in Action: Youth Group Custom T-Shirt

So, although you might think the designer tool is difficult to navigate, foreign buttons and all, I can promise you that it is not! Truthfully, it is quite easy. Even I can figure it out without asking our web developers a thousand questions…magical! So, to prove this to you, I’ve started with one of the template on the website, and within minutes I had a really gorgeous shirt perfect for a youth trip event. Have a look here and see for yourself. I began on our homepage, where I selected a super snazzy template from the template library: 

St. Patrick's Day Custom T-shirt

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day early and design your own custom tshirt for your friends and family to wear on the special day of eating delicious food, drinking, and letting loose! With parades, parties, food and drink specials, and more, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most fun holidays around!

What Happens When...You Google Strange Things

As previously established, Google surely knows I am an utter lunatic. I don’t even have normal things to be ashamed of, like visits to dirty websites or an online shopping addiction I’m covering up…rather, it’s things like “how to make your own Horcrux” or  “What happens when you mix skittles with peanut butter.” Totally normal, in my grown-up opinion.

The ULTIMATE Accessory for Your Custom T-shirt

Omg...custom t-shirt lovers, unite. This is so awesome…so, you know how you can kind of feel when someone is all up in your grill? And obviously, you don’t like it…correct? Anyway, check out the latest innovation in personal space invasion prevention technology: University of Illinois’ Victor Mateevitsi has constructed a badass onesie called SpiderSense that allows the wearer to pinpoint the exact direction and location of anyone within your immediate vicinity, without having to see them.

Team Name Generator! Custom T-Shirt Solution!

Here’s a nugget of custom t-shirt-enhancing awesomeness for you: Let’s say you’re ready to participate in an intramural sports league, team, extracurricular. Better yet, you’ve come up with a club or group of your own. Maybe you’re starting the Lumberjack Club or Boy Meets World club (in which case, there could be a really bizarre and interesting marriage of the two), and you have the interest, school budget, activities planned…the whole nine yards.

Tips For Custom Tshirts: Remove White

So as if I haven’t harped on enough about how awesome the designer tool is, I’ve been talking to some of you who have used it to design your own tshirts and who have come to us with questions about how it works…which we are THRILLED about…please continue to come to us with questions.

Post-Holiday Depression? There's a Tshirt For You!

So the holiday season is behind us…for now. Don’t worry, it will sneak up soon enough again, in the form of Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day…and then before you know it, the winter holiday season will be upon us, yet again. However, we know all too well the over-stimulation of the holidays and the subsequent wistfulness left behind in their wake. Obviously, you know what I’m getting at.