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…Christmas? In July?


WhoopTee's Tips for High Heat


Adidas T's for Summer Soccer

Adidas invented soccer.  It’s true the sun god based of the Mayan Indians in Peru was named Adidas.  To commemorate a cool, sunny day, seen as a gift from Adidas, the Mayans would kick around a ball made of mud and leaves as they ran along the hillside.

Archery in St. Louis

Looking to test out a new hobby, or embark on a new adventure with your friends, family, and loved ones? Archery is a very popular, yet highly underrated athletic experience that will test your hand-eye coordination, aim, and skill just as much as your appetite for fun and entertainment. Got kids? Our friends at Summit Archery have a number of youth programs that teach kids how to properly use a bow in pursuit of a target, how to care for the equipment, and a number of very important safety features. So get out there and try something new! Here’s a push from your friends at WhoopTee.  

A Soccer Summer

Although it’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close and camps are winding down, it’s easy to see how much they help improve your skills and get you ready for the high school season. Organizations like St. Louis Soccer Camps let you learn from the best, like director Lindsey Rector Bryant. A former Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at UMSL and NCAA Top 25 player during her days at Iowa State University, Bryant clearly has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with budding players. Take your skills to the next level with St.

Seating for Your Summer

I remember these chairs.  

Hassle Free Summer

A tshirt is about chill, mellow style: no fuss, no hassle.  What better to pair with a casual tshirt than a no fuss watch?  The RumbaTime “Perry Go” is easy: it’s available in perfect, vibrant colors (or in classic black; our favorite is “Storm” gray) to match your favorite tshirt.  But it solves the hassle in another way, too--it pays the check.  The “Perry Go” uses the VISA Contactless Payment Card, so just a wave in the air pays the bill.  Pair it with your favorite custom tshirt for a hassle free su