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College is all about getting involved, discovering yourself, and overcoming your fears in order for your best self to shine through. So try something new this year, whether it be an intramural sport, a tough science class, theater, music, tutoring kids, or something music-oriented like our lady A-Capella friends at SLU, Beyond All Reason. What’s stopping you? Fear? Self-consciousness? Failure? Toss all that aside, and let your preconceived ideas about who you are and what you’re good at fall away.

Fontbonne University

In French it means "Fountian of all Goodnessess".  I completely made that up, but you believed me...

College of the Ozarks

Their mascot is the Bobcat, they are located in the Ozark Mountains, and they are #6 on the Forbes list of Best Buy Colleges.  What more can you want in a college?

Avila Eagles!

I was not a good college student.  I don't mean that I made bad grades, or that I skipped class, or that I was beer pong champion.  I mean that I didn't avail myself of all the great traditions my alma mater offered.

A Soccer Summer

Although it’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close and camps are winding down, it’s easy to see how much they help improve your skills and get you ready for the high school season. Organizations like St. Louis Soccer Camps let you learn from the best, like director Lindsey Rector Bryant. A former Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach at UMSL and NCAA Top 25 player during her days at Iowa State University, Bryant clearly has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with budding players. Take your skills to the next level with St.

Concert Orchestra

The term “band geek” is losing traction–hooray! Right? Has the day come where being in band means you no longer need to worry about being attacked, verbally assaulted, or stuffed in a locker by some useless jock? I don’t know- you all tell me. It couldn’t hurt to gather your friends from the Concert Orchestra and band together with a snazzy shirt like this one. Don’t worry, that meat head who used lumber up and down the halls pouncing on small, unsuspecting freshmen will get what’s coming to him.

Class of 2013

Dear current high school seniors, Class of 2013:

St. Louis, We Salute You.

Familiarity breeds contempt, some say.

Parkway Central Thespian Troupe

High school can be a daunting, unforgiving place at times–which is why it’s important to stick with friends as awesome as you, and who share similar interests. There’s so much to do, and so many places to channel your energy- and now is the time to experiment and test out what those interests are, like our friends in the International Thespian Society. Theater and arts programs are a cornerstone of high school extracurricular communities, and provide students with important developmental skills necessary for growth and self-esteem building.

Tees for Team Building

Everyone who has ever had a job requiring them to sit behind a desk and (at least marginally) work with other people has had to endure the pains of "teambuilding".