Websites like, Christian Mingle and eHarmony think that love is based on compatibility, statistics and algorithms; we couldn’t agree more.  Love is a game of numbers and Whooptee is here to help.


1. Interpersonal chemistry is key; without it you can spend years trying to make something fit.

In Life:  You end up with a lot of “best friend” situations that never end in the romance you were seeking.

In Fashion:  Fit is what compliments your figure or detracts from your features.  That’s why Whooptee features separate line of custom tshirts that compliment a woman’s


2. Having a sense of humor can help couples overcome the rough spots and come out the other side laughing the whole way though.

In Life: Work, school, relationships - they can all take a toll on our hectic lives; but if

you’re lucky if you can share it with someone who makes you laugh.

In Fashion: Trends aren’t worth wearing if you can’t look back and laugh.  Design a shirt with a throwback trend in mind - or just go straight for cupid’s bow through a heart bearing your initials.


3. Similar Hobbies:  Studies show that couples who work out with each other tend to be more physically and sexually attracted to each other.

In Life:  Americans claim they don’t have enough time for two things: workouts and

sex.  Make it easy - combine the two!

In Fashion: Throw on your matching alo Quarter-Zip Lightweight Pullovers, go for a run

and shower off together.  

And now for the numbers.  If you can find all three of these qualities in a partner, you’ve hit the jackpot!  Now make a shirt for your sweetheart with and save 15% off by using the Coupon Code  VDAY 15. (Offer valid from 1/19 to 1/25) Combine that offer with free shipping and you should have just enough money for a nice dinner, flowers and chocolates.