“We’re on a road to nowhere. Come on inside. Taking that ride to nowhere. We’ll take that ride. Maybe they’ll wonder where you are. I don’t care. Here is where time is on our side. Take you there.”


–Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads


Who says you need a destination to have a vacation? We’ve covered staycations before, but what about the next step up? The road trip is as American as apple pies and eagles riding motorcycles. Our early forays into the interstate highway, like the classic Route 66, gave us the family vacation full of “are we there yet”, roadside attractions, and motels. You can reclaim some of that spirit. You don’t even need a destination. Just go. Just pick one of the many state and interstate highways and just GO somewhere. More aptly, go nowhere. 


This vacation idea is all about the journey and nothing to do with the destination. Find the fun in the journey. Be open to possibilities and enjoy the people closest to you as you hop into an adventure. See attractions. Find a new restaurant. Come across an obscure museum and learn something. Take in the sights, take in the people. Be open to anything and everything. 


When you and your family go on your adventure, you won’t be able t get a t-shirt souvenir like an I Love New York shirt since you don’t have a real destination. No problem, you can create a commemorative t-shirt for your family’s adventure. You can your kids can hop on WhoopTee.com and create the perfect representation of your journey into the unknown together. It’ll be one more memory, one more piece to hold onto for you and your loved ones. You can even cap off your trip by designing the shirt in whatever hotel or motel you end up on. All you need is an interest connection and imagination to make our designer tool work for you.

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