Crowdfunding has surpassed fad: it’s now a fact of life. For startups and creative types, sites like Go Fund Me and Kickstarter are the new paradigm for finding the capitol to bring a new venture to life. Keeping your creative venture funded in perpetuity has been forever altered by Patreon. What a time to be alive. 


It’s a simple concept on the surface: people like your creative endeavor, or want your product, and they pledge money to make it happen. If you think it’s as simple as post the project and sit back and wait for the money to flow in, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed. If the concept of people giving to a project with nothing in return sounds outlandish to you, that’s because it is. Nobody is going to give to your project without getting something back. That’s why successful crowdsourcing campaigns will often give donors a gift as a token of appreciation. The gift the donor receives is typically tied to their level of donation. 


Example: you’re producing a widget. If a person donates the production cost of a widget, you can offer them a widget in exchange for the donation. Think of it as an advanced sale, which you can offer at cost in order to secure project funding. Musicians will often offer a copy of the album once it’s finished. For YouTube channels and podcasts on Patreon, the show itself is the reward. For all of the above examples, plus just about any you can think of, custom t-shirts make a great reward for contributors. 


You can get affordable custom t-shirts from WhoopTee that won’t break your budget when you buy them, and will pad it once you start handing them out.


Here’s How:


Order in bulk and conserve on inks to keep the cost. Then, set a donation threshold, say $15 or $20. If someone makes that donation, you send them a cheap custom tee as a token of your appreciation. T-Shirts can also be grouped in with other gifts, like an album or a thank you card. If you give your fans your appreciation and value with the property you’re creating, they will in turn help keep you afloat. Everyone wins.

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