In the age of the social network, it’s hard to do anything without the urge to share it. Having a good meal? Share it. Bad meal? Share it. Your pet is being silly in their custom shirts? Share it. Now, just wait until the notifications come streaming in…any minute now. 


Don’t get us wrong, we’re not knocking sharing as that weird new thing “the kids” are doing, nor are we lamenting face to face interrelations and yada yada. Quite the opposite; we think it’s pretty cool to share something your feel strongly about with your friends and family. That’s why we have included this guide on sharing your WhoopTee design on social media. 


How to Share Your WhoopTee on Social Media


The process to share your shirt is much easier than you may think. Once you’ve selected a product and color, you will be sent to our designer tool to design your t-shirt. Once in the designer tool, look to the left-hand side. Right under the front and back views of your shirt, you will see Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest logos that will allow you to quickly share your shirt with all of your friends and followers. 


Why to Share Your WhoopTee on Social Media


When you complete a masterpiece, why not share it? show your friends and family your work. If you’re designing a t-shirt for a cause, spread the word. If you’re selling it, or using it for a fundraiser, generate some buzz for the shirts. If you’re using them to help your crowdfunding campaign or to give away to get new followers, then sharing the shirts online should be self-explanatory. It also gives you something to do while you wait for your order to be shipped for free. It will arrive on the date in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

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