There are lots and lots of talented, entertaining, informative, and groundbreaking individuals who use YouTube to reach a vast audience. We should know, we’re in on it too. YouTube is one of several social media platforms that WhoopTee uses to get the word out. We’ve talked before about how to use t-shirts to enhance your social media presence, but YouTube is such a unique medium that it demands its own guide. 


With YouTube, it can be difficult to find a way to turn your views into cash. For business, it’s much more strait forward; YouTube videos are made to drive traffic to your website and entice people to buy your product or service. For the YouTubers out there giving makeup tutorials, or video game reviews, or history countdowns, it becomes less obvious how to turn your channel into cash flow. 


Now, we understand; many, if not most of you, aren’t in it for the money. You just love what you do. We get it. It’s always admirable to see a person create something purely out of love. Still, the cameras, computers, green screens, and microphones you use don’t pay for themselves. The simple reality is that productions, no matter how small scale, cost money. That’s where WhoopTee comes in.


You can design custom t-shirts online for your YouTube videos, and use the videos to drive fans to purchase them from you. You could even use them as a quasi pledge drive, where you implore fans to buy your t-shirt so you can continue giving them the videos they love. If you still think you’re ok not monitoring your channel, all the power to you. Custom tees are still make a great giveaway prize for your views as a way to get them to feed you content for your videos or give you extra engagement on your Facebook or Twitter account. Either way, the custom t-shirt from WhoopTee is your friend.

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