Did you vote? You should, if you’re above 18. It’s your civic duty, and something you should take pride in. That’s why polling places hand out “I voted” stickers, which people proudly wear and post online after casting their ballot. When you walk into a coffee shop or a restaurant and see other people wearing their “I voted” stickers, does it not fill you with some measure of patriotic pride? With so much talk of low voter turnout in recent years, casting a ballot and contributing your voice to the democratic process has become more important than ever. 


Take pride in doing your duty as a citizen and encourage others to do the same. Create a custom t-shirt to proudly announce that you voted. You can create a simple design on a white t-shirt with red or blue type that says “I voted”. Using a white t-shirt makes sense thematically, and can save you some cash on your final deign, as will our free shipping to the lower 48 states. You can easily add a backside to your WhoopTee.com custom tees also. Maybe use the back side for “And so should you.” 


It’s important to encourage others to get out and vote. Custom t-shirts are a great way to do that. You can order custom t-shirts, and hand them out to young people either on college campuses or among high school seniors to get them to register and begin voting early. It’s important to impress upon young people from early on how important voting is to a free society. 


If nothing else, you can order a no minimum t-shirt for just yourself as a reminder to yourself that you did your part in the democratic system and to serve as an example to others of doing your civic duty.

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