Many young people are turning to business, and not necessarily in the way that’s expected of them. In a work world with an ever shrinking supply of new jobs, coupled with an abundance of qualified candidates, it’s harder and harder to take the old path of joining a company, punching the clock for a few decades and retiring. This, and the emergence of new tech innovations, are leading young people to find their own path and turn to entrepreneurship. 


One of the biggest obstacles facing anyone wanting to start a business of any kind is cash. The simple fact is, starting a business takes money, and for a young person getting that startup cash is really, really hard. Banks aren’t exactly lining up to loan money to young people with no track record or finances. Investors are even more of a long shot. Financing a business yourself is possible, but extremely hard when you’re at the bottom of the pay grade in whatever day job you have and, if you’re like the majority of college graduates, you have student loan debt. 


That’s why every single dollar saved matters. You have to spend money to make money, but the key is getting the most ROI out of every dollar you spend. When you spend your money, you HAVE to get bang for your buck. In a hyper-competitive world in which it is extremely hard to cut through all the noise of saturated advertisements, big chains, and lots of options for consumers, having a strong brand is a must. This can be done through grassroots tricks, building a dedicated base, and generally having a great product or service. A great way to brand any business starts with aesthetics. 


Custom branded tees are the perfect uniform for most businesses in the retail and restaurant worlds. Young, energetic services and businesses in the tech sphere are also great choices for branded tees. Look no further than companies like Apple and Facebook. Business, casual, and business casual are thrown out the window in many cases. All that matters is the brand, the identity of your company, and that can be represented on a comfortable, versatile custom tee. 


When your order affordable custom tees from WhoopTee, you can get bang for your buck by ordering in bulk, and driving down the cost per shirt, or by keeping your designs simple. A color shirt with one color ink is plenty catchy enough to make a stunning design, if done with care and consideration, and will make your t-shirts even more affordable. We also ship our custom t-shirts for free in two weeks, taking one less surprise charge out of the mix.

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