When you look at a list of reasons to create a custom t-shirt, there are two that stand above most others: branding and art. On paper, these two concepts seem at odds. On the contrary, they are two sides of the same coin. The image of the yin-yang comes to mind. Both sides are part of a continuous spectrum, and both have a piece of the other at their respective core. 


Let’s begin with branding. We have a full guide devoted to helping you pick the right color for your branding efforts. Branding through t-shirts is a great way to increase the public profile of your business. Through t-shirts, you give fans of your product a way to further connect with you, and they, in turn, become walking ambassadors of your brand. 


That’s where art comes in. No matter how much someone may buy what you’re selling, so to speak, they won’t wear a t-shirt that is ugly or boring. At the same time, a really cool tee may sway someone to wear your branded tee who otherwise would be disinterested in your brand, or not even know it exists. 


Now we get to the crux of this guide: balance. The issue is simple. If the shirt is too concept/art heavy and doesn’t properly position the brand for maximum exposure, then the entire effort is wasted. It’s the equivalent of watching an amazing commercial and then asking yourself, “who was that for again?” On the flip side, a shirt that is too brand-centric that it overpowers the design, or the “cool factor”, runs the risk of losing its audience. 


It can be extremely difficult to find the right balance. When you find that balance, though, get ready for some cool things to unfold. Clothing is an expression of who we are. Our clothes are the outermost layer of ourselves that we show to the world. What better enforcement could you have than someone wearing a t-shirt with your brand?