There is nowhere on Earth where we can be proud of being nerdy the way we can at a comic book store. We of course mean nerd in the endearing sense. Gone are the days of the nerd title being a pejorative term. On the contrary, nerd is a proud title in today’s society. In many ways, the comic book store is ground zero for nerdness. It all starts with the OG of nerd culture, everyone’s favorite illustrated pulp fiction, but there is much more going on at the comic shop. 


You have collectable card games like Magic for the older crowd, or Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon for the younger folk (or nostalgic 90’s kids). You have board games like Ticket to Ride, Risk, or Axis and Allies. You have role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. You have smaller miniature games like X-Wing, or larger scale games where players assemble, paint, and build their own intricate battle fields. Seeing the artistry that goes into a real miniatures game is really something to behold. 


Of course, there are posters, paperbacks, bound comic collections, statues, action figures, bobble heads, plush dolls. Just about anything sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, or anything that involves imagination of any kind, you can find at the comic book store, including t-shirts. Why settle for just selling comic t-shirts? You should be selling branded t-shirts for your comic shop. 


For all the reasons listed above and more, the comic shop is a place of fellowship for nerds. That’s why it’s imperative that you make your store more than just a store. It needs to be a community. It needs to be a local staple that rolls out the welcome mat for events, or for nerds to just hang out with those who share their passions. Ordering custom t-shirts from WhoopTee are a great way to do that. 


First, you will definitely need custom t-shirts for the store itself. That’s a given, but you may also want to branch out into other specialty shirts. For example, next time you hold a Magic tournament, make affordable custom t-shirts, perhaps with simple black ink to save costs, and give them to the participants. This way, you can charge an entry fee while still giving them something of value besides the competition to help smooth over that caveat. Charging a fee also weeds out the wannabes that will irk serious players also. 


And of course, you’ll need one single shirt for the champion. One shirt to rule them all…

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