If you were to ask just about any kid where they would most like to be dropped off at and left, fun parks are pretty high on the list. What’s not to love from places that give you put put, bumper boats, arcades, batting cages, go carts, bumper cars, etc. All that before mentioning the junk food that’ll take years off your life but you can’t live without anyway. At worst, a fun park is a fun diversion for once in a while. At best, it’s an institution in the community. Here’s a way to trend toward the latter: create custom t-shirts online for your fun park with WhoopTee. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your t-shirt:


Institution vs. Attractions


This is a tough one. Do you focus on the park itself, or on individual attractions (like mini golf). On one hand, focusing on the park itself furthers the overall brand you’re trying to build and maintain. Brand building should always be your number one priority. On the other hand, using t-shirts to promote individual attractions at your park is a great idea too. Have mini golf t-shirts, go cart t-shirts, etc., and try to appeal to audiences of specific attractions. 


The worst thing you can do in this situation is try to serve both at once. Don’t cram all of your attractions AND your central brand onto one shirt. It will be too noisy and won’t be very effective. By trying to please everyone you will please no one. 


Sell Them


Fun parks are joyous places, and joyous places tend to make joyful memories. That’s why it’s pivotal for you to have souvenirs available for your guests. It gives them something to hold on to from a happy day, it gives you a new revenue stream, and it helps promote your brand every time they wear the shirt. 


Give Them Away


A prize for a hole in one on a touch hole, or for hitting a target in the batting cages with a batted ball, or for the winner of a go cart race. Stakes make games more thrilling. The more excitement your games generate, the more endorphins winning releases in your guests, the more you condition your guests to feel happiness and excitement when thinking of your park. What business could say no to that?

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