There are very few gathering places for musicians and music lovers than the record store. This is where it all begins for many. In the older days, the racks of albums and discovery of new bands drove many a music lover’s youth. Then there were cassettes, then CD’s. It would be a gross error to say that music stores are a thing of the past, in the age of digital downloads and streaming. If anything, the record store is stronger than ever. Vinyl has made a triumphant comeback. Digital just can’t match the warmth of a vinyl record. Those who love music know that, and they gravitate towards the romanticism of collecting vinyl. 


Like comic book stores or coffee shops, a record store is its own community. It’s a place where likeminded people gather to celebrate their common love. You need a uniform for your community. Create custom t-shirts online with WhoopTee to bring your community together and keep your store ingrained in the community. T-Shirts are a great way to make a little extra cash for your store by selling them, to promote your businesses, and to keep your customers tied to your establishment just a little bit more. 


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