You can’t beat a nice, juicy burger. That’s proven scientific fact. Many have tried, and many have failed. The hotdog had taken a swing, and was sent to the bench. The cheese steak gave it a go, and was disappointed. Pizza made a run, but was beaten back. The burger is king. All hail the burger. If your restaurant has a great burger and you don’t have custom t-shirts from WhoopTee for it, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to grow your brand and open a new revenue stream. 


On a basic level, you can make yourself some extra cash with custom t-shirts based around your burger. It’s as simple as cheese, meat and two buns: you sell lots of burgers, so you should be able to sell t-shirts with your burger on it. This leads to direct cash flow. Still, that barely scratches the surface of your merchandising potential. 


Make sure your burger has a catchy name with something that connects to your restaurant’s name, or concept. When you start selling (or even giving away) t-shirts, every person who wears it in public becomes an advertisement for your eatery. The shirts raise the profile of the burger, and in turn the restaurant, and take what was a very good burger to a legendary burger that creates a buzz in the community. 


Don’t be afraid to give your custom tee away, either. You can use them as inexpensive attendance prizes to increase the length of stay of your guests. You can create a promotion, like an eating contest, with the shirt as the prize. This way, you get to double dip into the benefit column; you get people through the door with the promotion, and their prize is to advertise your brand. Mmm, that is a tasty burger.

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