When coming up with a design, the first thing you need to ask yourself, and it may seem like a no brainer, is “why am I making this?” Is it for fun? Is it for a cause? Is it for business? A softball team? Whatever the case, you have to think about what your shirt is for before you design because it you aren’t designing with a purpose, to an audience, your design will fall flat. 


If you’re designing for a brand, you have to make sure that you’re checking two boxes. Does this accurately represent our brand and our image? A great successful shirt design that isn’t on brand won’t mesh with your overall marketing goals. Is this design engaging? If you create an on brand design, but it’s boring and uninspired, you won’t grab anyone’s attention and it design will be useless. 


That last part really applies to any kind of t-shirt design. Will I capture attention? Will anyone notice this design? In order to answer this question, you not only have to look at your design on an aesthetic level, but you have to take a good long look at your audience. 


Think about your audience…who are they? What do they like? How will they react to your design? You have to really get in the mind of your audience and understand them in order to make a t-shirt that works for them. 


Whatever your design, WhoopTee gives you the tools you need to make the design you picture in your head. You can choose your design, choose your font, choose your text, and choose your images with the option to even upload your own image. Once you have your design ready, show in on social media and get some feedback before you order. When you do order, you’ll get your order in two weeks shipped for free.

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