This winter may be cold. That may seem like a stupid statement but last year winter was an extremely mild season. With the crazy swings the temperature has done the last few years, I could be anything from short-short weather to parka and igloo season. With that in mind, plan for the cold and hope to be surprised. This goes double for people with small dogs, or dogs who are hairless or light on fur. Friends of chihuahuas, take note, especially for the short hair or hairless varieties. 


Some dogs need a little extra protection from the elements, especially if they like to go for walks. Even going outside for potty business is hard for small or less-hairy dogs in winter time. If you see those shivers, know they’re not putting it on. You should be putting it on though, and by it we mean a custom doggie t-shirt from WhoopTee. 


We at WhoopTee love the four-legged ones as much as you do, and that’s why we thought it was unfair for humans to have all the custom fun. We offer a cute custom tank top option for your pooch that is guaranteed to turn heads, but that is more useful in fall or spring than in winter. 


The perfect selection for your dog during the winter months hands down is the Doggie Skins Hooded Sweatshirt. This 100% cotton doggie hoodie is comfortable as can be and includes a hood and a pouch on the back! The cuteness is off the charts. This option is available in four colors and in orders of six or more, and ranges in size from XS (0-4 lbs) to L (25-45 lbs). The best part? Your order will ship for free in two weeks. What are you waiting for? Design your best friend the cutest hoodie of all time in our designer tool.

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