In the wake of numerous tragedies, both of children inflicting harm on themselves and on others, bullying is in the spotlight as much as ever. Some children are bullied to the breaking point. Some turn that pain inward. Others turn it outward. Others suffer in silence. It’s time to put an end to this. One thing that is often ignored in these situations: the bullies themselves do what they do often times because of low self-esteem stemming from their own bullying. This creates a sort of circle of negative behavior and promotes a hostile, cruel environment for students. 


The best way to combat the darkness is with light. Promoting a culture where students are compelled to treat each other with compassion and respect is the best way to end this cycle. Many schools have adopted programs that reinforce positive character traits and positive social behavior among students. They do this through assemblies, through activities, through students groups, and through fun activities with games and prizes. 


If there is one group in the world kids will listen to, it’s their friends. Promoting a positive culture can only be done if you win the hearts and minds of enough students that they in turn can spread that culture to the rest of their classmates. This is why many schools start councils of students who brainstorm ideas to lift the spirits of their classmates and promote kindness and understanding. They groups also strive to give kids who are bullied someone to talk to. The worst parts of bullying is when a student feels alone. The best way to fight that is to make sure they know they aren’t alone, that there are people who care and are ready to act to help them. 


We at WhoopTee provide affordable custom t-shirts to many schools and we salute the teachers, administrators, students, and parents who are fighting to bring about a positive change in the way young people treat each other. Sometimes, the best girt is a shoulder to lean on and an open ear. Let’s work together and treat each other with respect and compassion.