Anyone can sign-up for a silly little 1 mile Run/Walk and get a wimpy, white cotton shirt with registration. “One size fits all” isn’t only referring to the size of your simple shirt but to the generic course ahead. A high school track? How unimpressive! Just take your shirt and smack yourself in the face! Every journey begins with one step but time is ticking. Don’t you want to be known as someone who is pushed to the limit and comes even stronger? Don’t you want to lead those around you to accomplish great things? Don’t your want to band together with your loved ones in awesome athletic wear to accomplish what is trendy and trite? 
There's only one way to show the world your that you and you’re training buddies are a fashionable force to be reckoned with. Imagine not just one bad ass Mudder-Fester but an entire army full of people willing to get down and dirty Survivor style to win the ultimate prize – a custom t-shirt! This full-fledged athletic innovation is the t-shirt for Titans; not for the large and lazy folks of Titanic proportion. Design a group t-shirt telling the rest of your pal "I think your awesome enough to spent a nominal amount of money on."
Check out the array of athletic apparel on, like the Adidas Climalite Short Sleeved Tee with moisture wicking technology. Or the Ladies’ B-Dry Core T-Shirt available in 11 colors! Once you’ve chosen the best shirt to show off those muscles, use one of the templates provided or create your own t shirt design. Get ready for combat – in a controlled and insured setting – with your army of fun.