Don’t forget to bring the matches!  Not for the fireworks, but for the adorable matching Fourth of July gear available at  Now you don’t want to look like a live set of firecrackers as you all unload from the van at the party.  Leave that homeschooled look for the Stevens’ family – they’ve earned it.  Be cool, pretend you don’t care, “Is it the 4th already? Wow, that snuck up. Better make some plans.”   However, you’ve secretly done your research, compared prices, designed your own t shirts and placed your order in mid-June (for the free shipping of course!)

Discreetly match your family in a mix of custom t shirts, tank tops, golf shirts; design your own custom sweatpants, shorts and even doggie shirt.  But who gets what? Don’t rely on the wife this time, just pick the best attribute of each family member and flaunt it – unless it’s you’re teenage daughter, then hide them – I mean it. 

Here goes:  your wife would love to show off her Crossfit biceps in a sleeveless tank top; hide your son’s punk haircut in a custom printed hoodie; you’re daughter could use some custom sweatpants to wear over her 1 inch, cut jean shorts, right? I mean in it can get cold in July and she practically lives in pajama pants.  For junior, it’s easy - the junior t-shirt.  But what about Fido? Now you can look back without regret as you browse the dog apparel.  Sure YOU wanted a big Labrador retriever, but thank God you got the  teacup poodle the rest of the family asked for.  A lab would never fit in this tiny, custom tank top.

Finally the crowning jewel: the Men’s Gildan Dryblend Jersey Sport Shirt with a Pocket in blue, with a white color and red embroidery that you’ve been eyeing for months.  Getting a new golf shirt to match the family is a great excuse, as long as everyone else is happy.  And isn’t that why you designed and ordered custom apparel from . . . to make everyone else happy on the Fourth of July.