T Shirts for Special Events – “The Family OuT-ing”                       

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim is the aptly named collection of short stories by David Sedaris recounting his childhood; he gently scrapes awake ordinary life, revealing the absurdity that binds all families together.  We all grew up thinking we were either normal or  . . . adopted.  If you come from a large enough family, you’ll understand that everyone has their own agenda and it’s tough to get everyone to like the same thing.    

On this Sunday in June, my family, consisting of two young boys, a baby girl and husband, are preparing for a day in St. Louis or the “Big City” as it’s affectionately called in our house. Plans include: ice cream and pizza, baseball game, park and maybe an impromptu visit to the fountains at City Garden.  Normally this is an outing worthy of lots of hype: the boys asking the same questions over and over, the baby – ignorantly blissful and my husband preparing himself without a thought for the rest of us. 

However, today is different.  My oldest, a wise 5 year old doesn’t want to go.  “I don’t like baseball.  I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and fruit snacks.”  Of course you do. Grayson, 3 going on 30 and VERY opinionated says: “I already ate! I don’t want pizza. Let’s go to the game already.” This is going to be a long morning.  Then my husband can’t help himself from asking “Did you go to the ATM? I don’t have cash and I hate paying interest on credit cards.”  NO Honey, I blew the money on groceries and co-pays.  I’m sooo irresponsible.  A solution? T Shirts for Special Events

Follow my guide to great custom t shirts: Color – green like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = one kid happy.  Next!

Style – our last name across the back – like the famed baseball players = two kids happy. Next!

Price – group t shirt discount = Dad happy. Next!

And the baby still blissfully ignorant in a youth t shirt refashioned as a onesie.