Imagine you walk into an open park filled with kids, parents, grandparents, lawn chairs, coolers and a buffet of food covered by a pavilion.  Everyone seems to be in a great mood, taking pictures, hugging, competing in games, etc. . . .seems like harmless fun.  But here’s the weird part: everyone there looks like you, sounds like you and they’re all wearing the same t-shirt!  


You’re not in the Twilight Zone, you’re at the Schmidt Annual Family Reunion!


Members of your tribe, young and old, travel from miles away just to celebrate your genetic link with coleslaw and a yard darts.  When you’re a kid, you look forward to seeing your cousins from out of town; as a teen, you enjoy awkward silences as your distant aunts and uncles ogle your pubescent changes; as a young adult you learn that if you ever want any good wedding gifts you had better start kissing some serious ass; as a parent, you look through albums, make a plate for Grandma and appreciate the limited time you share together.


According to a recent survey by Scribe.Inc., many families up their game by purchasing custom gear for the reunion, with 96% creating custom t-shirts and 15% creating custom drinkware (water bottles, koozies, etc.)


Here’s a list of fun activities to do while wearing your custom apparel!


Pin the Name on the Tree: Create group shirts with an image of a large tree for all the family members.  Each member pulls the name of a relative from a hat and attempts to  “pin it” on tree in the correct spot.  A fun learning experience for everyone.  


Imitation is Art: Look through the list of “No Minimum” shirts offered on  Choose an affordable style and add a different  family member’s name on each shirt using the Designer Tool. Randomly disperse the shirts to everyone and have each person put the shirt on without seeing whose name is on the back.  Everyone must mix and mingle, asking and answering questions to come up with the name of the person they’re wearing.


Family Photo Album with a Twist: Collect baby photos from everyone and upload them to the front of the shirt.  Lay the shirts out and have everyone guess who’s in the photo, distribute to the “owner” when the game is finished.