When you think fall, there are really three kinds of food that come to mind. Pumpkin anything, oven-roasted turkey, and chili. In that spirit, many communities have chili cook offs to settle once and for all who the local chili master is. These exhibitions of cauldron prowess have evolved into a tried and true fundraising vehicle. Here are a few steps for organizations looking to raise some funds with a chili cook off:


1. Solicit Teams


Take out advertisements in local publications. Hit social media looking for teams. Make sure to get local organizations to either start a team or sponsor one. The more participants the more money you can raise, both through the stands themselves and by driving attendance.


2. Sell Refreshments 


Make sure you have other refreshments available for sale. Chili can be a thirsty food, so your guests will want to wet their whistle. Baked goods, hot dogs and burgers, or any other low-cost comfort foods are ideal for this sort of event. 


3. Hire a Band


The longer your guests stay, the more they buy. The more they buy, the more you raise. Live music is great for tempting people to stay longer. 


4. Sell Raffle tickets


Raffles and 50/50 drawings are a great way to make raise extra funds that is low cost and high reward. Just make sure you comply with your local raffle laws. 


5. Sell Custom T-Shirts


WhoopTee has affordable custom t-shirts that are perfect for your chili cook off. All you have to do is design a t-shirt online with our easy to use design tool and you’re golden. You can keep costs down by limiting the number of colors you use, or buy using less expensive stock. We have plenty of templates to help you get started. Don’t forget, the more you buy, the lower the price per shirt.


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