We at WhoopTee talk plenty about fundraiser ideas around here. There’s a good reason for that: every organization needs to raise funds (hence fund-raiser!). We take any opportunity possible to show you ways to keep you funded through finding fun ideas for events you can use to rake in the cash your organization depends on. For this guide, you’re going to get two for the price of one. Here are two fundraisers that your organization can try that both GLOW. You had better ready your black lights and grab your neon colors. 


Blacklight Bingo


Who doesn’t love bingo? No, seriously, how can anyone not like bingo? It’s so simple that you’ve been taught the game since your were a kid. B-I-N-G-O. The feeling of seeing all the pieces fall into place and yelling BINGO is quite the rush. When you take that game and you add the fun of black lights that make your daubers glow, the fun gets cranked up to 11. 


Cosmic Bowling


There are very few activities that aren’t made all the more fun by black lights. Bowling certainly is one. We’ve discussed before how great bowling is as a fundraiser on its own. Adding the cosmic twist not only increases the fun factor, it gives your organization a leg up on other bowling nights in your area. That edge may be the difference between having a successful fundraiser and a wildly successful fundraiser. 


Here’s one more thing to consider: why choose? If you invest in black lights, which aren’t that expensive to start with, you can put them to work multiple times throughout the year. Take any fundraisers you can and beam them into outer space. 


If you’re having a black light event, you’re going to need t-shirts that will glow. When you design a custom t-shirt online with our designer tool for your event, choose a bright orange or yellow for best glow results. The best part is, if you order your t-shirts in bulk, with a design that can apply to multiple events, not only will you get a better price per shirt, you will also have enough stock to use in several black light fundraisers.