Is your organization about to schedule your annual charity drive? Do you have a worthy cause that you’re trying to raise funds for? Do you know someone in need of donations? If the answer is yes, you now have a bigger question to answer: what kind of fundraiser is going to get the job done. We’ve pointed out before that a bowling fundraiser is a great option, and we’re going to keep with the physical theme for this suggestion, but with a more energetic twist. 


Your next fundraiser could be a line dance. 


Country is hot right now in the music world. Not that the large and loyal country fan base has ever wilted, but we’re at a point in time where country is dominating the pop scene. Strike while the iron is hot and book a line dance to stuff your event with young, energetic peopler. Here are a few steps to making that a reality. 


1. Book a venue


There are plenty of options for this one. School gyms, VFW halls, dance halls (obviously), community centers, and even local bars with event space can all be perfect fits. Try to find somewhere with a stage because you should definitely…


2. Book a band 


If you really want to pack the house, book a live band. Not only is the energy level, particularly for country, on another level with a live band, but the band can use their built in fanbase and name in the community to bring in more of a crowd. When it comes to finances, you may be able to find a band sympathetic to your cause to donate their performance, Alternatively, you could hire a less established band that will demand less compensation. 


3. Book a DJ


Wait, didn’t we just tell you to book a band? Well, yes, but when it comes down to it, a band can’t play every waking moment of the fundraiser. You can hire a DJ to fill in the gaps, and play some crowd pleasing dance tunes to supplement the music you’re already getting from the band. That way, you can avoid down time, which disrupts the dancing, which is important because the longer people stay…


4. Have concessions


…the more they buy refreshments. They also buy more…


5. Have a silent auction 


…baskets at your silent auction. The also buy…


6. Custom T-Shirts


…your custom t-shirts. You can make a custom t-shirt online with WhoopTee cheap and easy and sell them at your event to rake in some extra funds. Not only is our design tool user friendly, but we also have numerous templates to help you along. We also have plenty of guides like this to give you a helping hand.