When you’re planning a fundraiser, you need to ask yourself: do you want guests and potential donors to sit around some stuff hall, half asleep, and hope that maybe, just maybe, they’ll shake themselves awake long enough to write a check? If the answer is yes, then this article isn’t for you. For everyone else, here is a high energy, high spirit fundraiser idea sure to put your crowd in the right frame of mind to give: a mini golf tournament. It’s funny how far a little happiness goes. Here are a few benefits of having a mini golf tournament as a fundraiser:


1. You can take advantage of group rates 


Many mini golf courses have group party packages and offer special rates to big groups. Shop around to your local courses and find the best rate you can. 


2. It’s unique


Remember the stuff hall? That’s what people think of when they think of a fundraiser gala. Mini golf breaks the mold to a degree, and that added layer of casual fun can help you guests unwind. 


3. It’s family friendly


With most fundraisers, patents of young children have to find a sitter. This event is kid-inclusive and is something that not only will allow parents to bring their child along, but will give them something fun to enjoy together. Which brings us to the biggest benefit…




Look, do we really need to go that far in depth on this one?


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