If you’ve ever done a poker run, you know how fun it is. You know how it works, you know the benefits, and you know that, when properly executed, they are a big hit. So why are you reading this? Just simply nod your head, click on the “Design” button on the top of this page, and get started creating the custom apparel for your poker run fundraiser. For the rest of you, now that the people who know all about poker runs have had their “Newton and the apple” moment and are planning their event have left, scoot your chairs in closer and we’ll fill you in.


Poker runs are pretty sweet. 


Here’s how it works in a nutshell: you get several businesses, be it bars, retail stores, or even community organizations, anyone who is keen on getting some foot traffic some afternoon and/or evening. They all have playing cards. When participants in the poker run show up at each location, they get a card. Once they’ve been to each stop, the participants all go to the last location and compare poker hands. Who ever has the highest hand wins. 


This is a great event for a few reasons. 1) It’s fun, 2) it’s easy to get businesses to participate because they get a steady flow of people coming into their store from the event, and 3) it’s cheap. Now that you know the gist of it, you can start planning stops on your poker run and start lining up volunteers for the event. 


Once you have your volunteers in place, you’ll need to have custom tees for them. Not only do you need the tees to identify who is part of your group, they make a nice token of appreciation for those who dedicate their valuable time and energy to your event. You can extend that same token to the participants on the poker run by giving away extra tees as attendance prizes. Maybe pass them out to each leg of the run to give away also.