Finding an idea for your fundraiser involves serving many masters. In order to meet your goals, you have to bring people in. To bring people in, you need to give them something special, something fun that will justify spending the time, and most importantly, the money to make this event a success. To do that, you may not be able to go it alone. You’ll need the help of people, organizations, and businesses from the community. Here is a way to help them help you.


You can hold a scavenger hunt for your fund raiser. The idea is simple: you register teams for an entry fee and have them compete in the hunt for a prize. You select objects or landmarks that the teams must take a picture of on their phones. To find the objects or landmarks, the teams will have to solve riddles or hints. From here you, have one of two routes. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins, or anyone who completes the scavenger hunt is entered into a drawing to decided a winner. 


This idea works because you can select the objects or landmarks in local businesses, organizations, or public areas. You can sign up sponsors that donate to the fundraiser, either through paying for the t-shirts for your workers, sponsoring teams (and their t-shirts), supplying prizes, or simply donating cash. They get the added foot traffic of having the teams on your scavenger hunt, and even if the teams don’t stick around, they at least were through the door and will remember the place.


Once you have your teams signed up and your volunteers ready, come back to for your custom t-shirts. You can design your own t-shirts from scratch, or upload your own image. Our shirts are affordable and easy to design. The best part? They’ll be shipped free of charge in two weeks.