We’ve covered before how winery tours can be a great corporate retreat, but have you considered keeping the wine flowing as a fundraiser? Wine tastings are an event that are fun for attendees and can be a smashing success for your organization or group of volunteers. Here are a few points to consider:


1. Invite Wineries to Get Involved


This one works on a few different levels. For starters, you can’t have a wine tasting without wine, and inviting wineries to set up booths at your tasting solves that problem. It also gives you higher quality and more diverse products to offer your guests. The wineries themselves may also promote the event on their social media accounts and get you some extra exposure. 


What’s in it for them? The wine they give away is part of the tasting you’re offering, but the bottles they sell themselves to your guests, as well as the exposure for their winery, are where your venders make their money. It’s as simple as them helping you raise funds and you helping them make sales. Everybody wins.


2. Sell Glasses


Including a glass that your guests can take home along with their allotted tastings adds value to what you’re selling to them. It also jacks up the perceived value, as they have something material in their hand at the end of the event. It’ll bump up your overhead a bit, but you’ll need glasses anyway and it allows guests to justify spending a bit more if they have something to hold onto.


3. Sell Concessions


Have snacks available for your guests to purchase. Cheese and wine have gone together for centuries. Baked goods are easy to make and keep costs down. 


4. Have a Silent Auction


We advocate this every single time we share a fundraiser idea, and that’s because it’s a great way to give your guests something of value while also enticing them to spend extra. It’s also much, much easier to get sponsors to donate items, or branded items, like a custom t-shirt, than cash.


5. Book a Band


Having music will make your guests stay longer. If they stay longer, they buy more tastings. They buy more concessions. They check on their silent auction bid a few more times, or they finally break down and bid on a basket. It’s not enough to get them through the door; you have to keep them. 


6. Get Custom T-Shirts 


You’ll need t-shirts for your workers to make sure they can easily identify one another, and can be easily found by guests with questions or issues. You can also sell them and include them in the silent auction. All you have to do is design a custom t-shirt with WhoopTee's design tool, and in two weeks you’ll have custom t-shirts for your event shipped free. We also have plenty of templates to help you with ideas, and of course guides to help you along.


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